A New Born’s Aura

At a lecture, some years ago, this question was asked. How does a new born baby’s aura look?

Answered by: Larry Borth ISA’s auric interpreter

My four year old daughter was in the room so I figured I had some insight into this question. I recalled that at her birth and for the following first few minutes, both our energies were scattered and in a panicked state. As we both became accustomed to this new reality the energy fields calmed down and began to take shape. My energy was forever hanged. It became larger, more focused in this human reality, while the spiritual energy became aware of the chaos that was to follow.
Those first moments were unbelievable. I watched her energy form. What looked like a broken mirror with its pieces coming together forming itself into a nice, small oval shape glowing with a mother of pearl color outlined in gold energy. As the aura took its final circular shape the crying and the tightness of her body eased. When she began to feel the touch of my hand and held on to my finger, light blues, pinks, and greens filled in the basic human aspects of her energy space.

In the days that followed her broadcasting aura looked similar to a low watt version of my “ideal aura.” (See the cover of my book)

As she slept she was at peace and content with herself and her surroundings.

As I watched this glowing ball of energy I started to see changes in her aura indicating a human need was about to be expressed. A portion of her energy field would appear to have a scarf wrapped around it. This covered a portion of her pure ideal expression. The thickness, depth and color (everything from light pastel silks, to a heavy dark winter wool) told me how great the urgency or need was. I never really had a handle on which need she wanted handled, (to be held, feed, changed, or just to exercise her lungs) because I believed she wanted me dazed and confused for future torment. As she grew and developed more human energy shapes and colors began to encase and cover this little ball of energy. It was intermittent at the beginning, showing itself as needs arose and later more frequently as attachments were made. For example, I can remember picking her up at daycare and seeing a cherry red wave of color with a blue tail come across the aura as she recognized me. A moment before she saw me her energy field was more in a neutral configuration, void of specific shapes. Her recognition/attachment and thought of this one’s mine created shaped/colors in her human energy. I also had fun watching the auric colors change as mom held her and passed her to grandma, or to myself.  Each interaction pulled different colors out of the child’s field. Not that any color had any special meaning but the energy exchange benefited everyone and created family bonds. I also believe that at this stage (birth to six months) children recognize family members by sensing there broadcasting energy patterns.

At times I found it very frustrating trying to read her energy when she had moments (which seemed like hours) where nothing we did comforted her and eased the tears. I became aware that being an overly concerned parent interfered with my ability to read the energy. It also blocked the use of common sense and the ability to see that the sticky tabs on her diaper were stuck to her skin and not to the other side of the diaper. As parents our thoughts fall so easily into something is wrong, maybe they are sick, or even I am not a good parent, that our senses and energy shut down. I see what happens to the new auras of children when we shout NO DON’T TOUCH THAT! The shrinking of a child’s energy and the harsh energy coming from a parent is something to behold. Whether it is shouted with the intent of protecting them or in anger the result is the same. For example: as I write this, my daughter and I just had one of those not so pleasant moments. In hindsight her very stubborn, focused mood formed her energy into what looked more like a clamshell. This tight field, with its widest part to her back and the thin edges of the clam’s opening tightly closed in front of me, should have told me to back off. Well I did not, forcing my just human energy to send out sharp , knifelike shapes that intended to open this clamshell if it wanted to or not. This just escalated the tension. So I stepped out of the room. As I calmed down a thought principle came to mind – The only thing I can change is myself and the only thing about myself I can change is my perception. With a new view of the situation and a smile on my face I went back to her room. This changed my energy, then her energy and she went to bed.

When my daughter is playing her energy is at its best. As she dances and sings her own words to a song, joyous energy fills the room. With no self-consciousness her own vocal creations are put forth with no worries such as is anything right or wrong and no cares about who is listening. When she gives voice to her dolls, as they talk to each other, she is learning to reach into new areas of creative energy. Throughout this play the “ideal” energy pattern surrounds and uplifts her.

Visiting her daycare I see the same energy surrounding every child. When arriving early to pick up my daughter I often spend a moment absorbing all the vibrant energy being shared freely among these wonderful individuals. Every time a child’s energy collapses or is ignored it is altered dramatically. This is when we all suffer. Share, exchange, blend, your energy, time and attention with that of a child and the reward for both will be outstanding.

Larry Borth
Written maybe ten years ago.