About Helen Borth

Helen Borth
ISA Director/Instructor
Reiki Master

My spiritual journey began when I found myself on a plane to India voluntarily spending time with a living Master. After that trip my level of awareness changed so much I call it my life before India and my life after. From then on books, tapes, CDs, and YouTube clips effortlessly and bit by bit started coming to me each time I was ready for another step.

This pattern of new information became intriguing to others who joined me and together we took “seeking” to a deep level. The search for who we really are became the foundation for ISA.

Message from Helen

All of us are on the same journey. It just so happens that many (and rightly so) have not stepped onto this path as of yet. Others of you are extremely happy to have already jumped into the game.

The game is the journey into Self. This is realizing we are more-than-just-human. Much more!

For years a group of ISA seekers have stepped into the spiritual inquiry game together. Having gained a tremendous amount of personal insights we are now offering to share free meetings with you on how and what benefits are possible on this mysterious quest.

If you vibrate with these thoughts your energy-self is sending you a message so please pay attention.. Be patient as your energy-self is being drawn toward a study that is without rules, dogmas, goals, religions, and practices; it is drawn towards waking up. Celebrate with us so together it is more fun to reach our more-than-human spirit within.