About Larry Borth

As a young child I was able to see auras and energy fields. I also heard them as wavering pitches or musical notes. I listened to them as a musician would in order to know if they were in tune. Another aspect of energy available to me was texture. Here’s how I would describe some of the many sensations of energy: rough as sandpaper, smooth as a baby’s bottom, heavy like wearing a winter jacket, or magnetic with a pushing or pulling sensation.

When others discover that I see auras, or when they see one of my drawings they often say, “It must be wonderful to see all that.” My response is that it is and it isn’t. Being so sensitive to all the different energy flows has not been easy. Let me explain. In this world everything emanates an aura full of color, shapes, sounds, and flavors. This chaos bombards my senses all day long and even follows me to sleep. As a teenager my so-called “gifts” made it difficult to function. At school my attention was on the dance of energy, and my grades reflected it. My friends thought I was weird, and my parents had no clue what to do.

In time I met an individual who understood what I was seeing and feeling, and helped me channel and focus it. This woman could see energy in great detail. She took one look at me and could see that many of my energy aspects were disconnected from each other as well as from the physical part of me. After some intense work I was able to integrate these special senses into my life, which helped me feel mentally together and at home in my own body. Afterward the colors in the physical world around me were brighter, and I had a new sense of control over my energy vision. It no longer popped in at inconvenient times. Eventually, I developed vision that included both physical and auric sight working simultaneously. In this way I see what I need to in both worlds while filtering out what is unnecessary.

As the years passed I found reading auras at psychic fairs uninteresting and looked for a greater challenge. In my search I began to study energy healing and became a Master Reiki Healer. In healing work I saw what was really important – the recognition of one’s own powerful spirit. Now my interest was peaked. It became apparent that our ultimate energy or spirit has always been perfect; that the colors, textures, shapes, and sounds are created by our own human mind.

Today I help people uncover their ideal energy through small classes at the Institute of Self Awareness. I work with a simple premise – first, acknowledge you are already this magnificent spirit, then learn to trust this spirit, and eventually realize there is nothing more powerful than your infinite spirit.

“About the Author” from The Nature of Auras

Larry Borth is a Reiki Master and co-founder of the Institute of Self Awareness in Milwaukee where he conducts classes and workshops, and he consults with many who desire to understand, change, or develop their own auric energy. He resides in Wisconsin with his wife and daughter.