Who We Are …

A Non-Profit Specialty School for Transformation serving as a gateway to personal well-being, self mastery, and spirtual insights.

Seekers just like yourself are discovering the Institute of Self Awareness (ISA). In this challenging era of ever-accelerating change, ISA comfortably offers life changing lessons that lead to new thinking patterns, a larger perspective with enhanced spiritual values. Our program teaches new, practical, and inspirational ideas and how to apply them in all areas of life.

We teach the tools to free yourself from the attachment to your thoughts and worries, and the discomfort of taking things too personally. More importantly we show you how to direct life instead of being buffeted by it. You are invited to participate in classes, workshops, discussions, consultations, labyrinth experiences, auric information and evaluations, Reiki, and much more.

Mission Statement

The Institute of Self Awareness, Inc. provides educational material and self-exploration opportunities for individuals to transform personal consciousness and to initiate increased spiritual awareness. This is accomplished by providing instruction, creativity, and implementation designed to assist in profoundly altering perspectives.