Aura Workshop



Larry Borth

is the resident aura interpreter at the Institute of Self Awareness

Larry will help us to stop wondering . . .

  • Is my aura the same day after day and year after year?
  • Does dis-ease, emotional and physical, show up in my field?
  • What has color got to do with anything?
  • Why does my aura shrink?
  • What does this information have to do with my life?

. . . hear the answers!!

Location: Institute of Self Awareness, 13745 W. Capitol Dr. Brookfield

$20, Call 414-323-4522 to register

My book, The Nature of Auras, is the result of thirty years of direct experience in the study of human energy fields and their relationship to consciousness and ultimate spirituality. these years of experience has shown me that our limited ideas can be changed while our unchanging deepest core vibration is forever ready to wake up. this book is a guide to waking up and living in the world with new “eyes” of awareness.

Larry Borth
Book available for $10