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Reiki Sharing

Attention Reiki I, II, and III practitioners.

Here is your opportunity to hop on the table for your well-deserved treatment. In addition Sharing is also open to anyone new to Reiki who desires a sample treatment.


Reiki sharing takes place on the 3rd Sunday of every month from 6:00 – 8:00pm and suggests a $10 donation for the time well spent.

You will find at least four to five Reiki Masters in attendance and open to sharing their experiences. This includes both Helen and Larry Borth.


It is not necessary to register but do call us at 414-463-5731 if you are coming for the first time to receive the location and directions.

Treat yourself to a Reiki healing and start your week uplifted, awake, and ready to meet the world.

Time: 3rd Sunday of the month
6:00 – 8:00pm

Fee: $10 donation

Institute of Self Awareness
13745 W. Capitol Dr.
Brookfield, WI

2014 Dates

  • Jan. 19
  • Feb. 16
  • Mar. 16
  • Apr. 20
  • May 18
  • Jun. 15
  • Jul. 20
  • Aug. 17
  • Sep. 21
  • Oct. 19
  • Nov. 16
  • Dec. 21

Senior Spirit!

SENIOR SPIRIT class will be held on Tuesday, November 5th and November 19th.

Helen Borth will bring to this gathering uplifting, educational, motivational and fun material.

Together we will share with each other “pointers” that shift or lift to enhance life’s possibilities.

The location is the Institute of Self Awareness at 13745 W. Capitol Dr.,
the time is 10:30am – 12:00pm, the fee is $10 per class.

Register by calling 414-463-5731 or just arrive.

See you at class
Helen Borth

Designed to grow and change

Ponder This:

You and I were designed to grow and change. Maybe some of us have not yet realized this pattern is in and of life. After all do we stop growing mentally or physically after the third or the sixth grade? Of course not. Changing the way we perceive life is one of our greatest gifts. Remember what is felt like to outgrow being upset with a family member or a best friend? There is always a new or different perspective ready to be applied to this kind of situation. One could apply a perspective based on the concept of “alloying” when the spirit-self takes the positive position instead of the egos position of being in charge. Meaning we stop making the other person wrong and ourselves so right. Yes, everything on our planet is designed to change including plants and animals. Everyone is automatically endowed with the natural instinct to move, to grow. In fact the planet is based on a beginning and ending principle. Change and growth is it! Now we will make a 180 degree shift to look at this moving pattern from the other side. The side where our endless conditioning prefers, even expects, things in life to stay the same. Staying-the-same idea takes a lot of mental and physical energy to keep this “holding” pattern in place. It also happens to be one of the reasons we get physically tired. In our otherwise flowing aura energies, this holding pattern creates energy blockages. This in turn affects our state of well-being. Obviously it is in our best interest to think and act in harmony with the way we were designed.

Try this on for size.

Helen Borth – Director of the Institute of Self Awareness.
ISA website


Ponder This:

The word for today is UNCERTAINTY. You know, that thing we would rather ignore and instead continue to maneuver our daily life into as much certainty as possible. Ask yourself if you know what your next thought is going to be? If you have mastered that please let us know. Or do you really know exactly what will show up in the next hour, or the next and the next? Of course not! The phone or door bell rings when we least expect it. Often it’s at the most inappropriate time. Which really means it has messed up the schedule. All this comes under the heading of uncertainty even if we desperately try to follow our certain plan. Give it up! Surrender! If we are truly honest when looking at life from who we really are, uncertainty is the name of the game. We would make it easy on ourselves by starting the day with saying, “OK life, bring it on. Bring on what you have to offer me in every present moment. I openly and honestly welcome whatever is meant for me. I allow UNCERTAINTY to be my guiding light.”

Try this on for size.

Helen Borth – Director of the Institute of Self Awareness.
ISA website

What you think shows in your Aura

Ponder This:

What you think about registers in your aura. PLUS! Your body believes every word you say. These are powerful statements that need some pondering. Here is more of a scientific-like statement. “Everything in the universe, even the smallest thought, gives off a calibratable energy which is recorded permanently in the energy field of consciousness which is beyond time and space.” Every moment we have the opportunity to be aware and even change our thoughts to create life differently. Let us lay out a time-line even though it really all happens at the same time. It seems as if first comes a thought, which registers in the personal auric field followed by making itself at home in the physical body and then broadcast out into the universe. All happening simultaneously. There is a piece of information added to this thought-trip. Thoughts that are flavored with concerns, control, even a lot of opinions have the possibility of weakening the body. On the other hand an alloying or accepting way of thinking is said to strengthen the body. Every person benefits from knowing what you think shows up in the aura and as a result determines your level of personal well-being.

Try this on for size.

Helen Borth – Director of the Institute of Self Awareness.
ISA website