My Ego Is Running the Show

The ego is just a confused part of consciousness that thinks it can hang on to things.

A very simple but useful definition for ego is the tendency to fixate, or grasp, either by trying to hold on to something that was here or by grasping after something that isn’t here.

At this discussion we will look at this tendency to grasp. This is the source of all suffering.

I Want to Nurture My Spirit – How?

The spirit is also called, Source, God, oneness, wholeness, infinite, etc. We place these words on the unknowable part of us which is understood to be nameless. We reach or search for this place because we believe it to be hiding. We try to ‘feed it’ with more classes, books, you tubes, and meetings believing it will surely bring us closer to that which we already are. Maybe the best way is to go on a ‘diet’ and shed ideas, our past conditioning, in order to see what is underneath. Just like food dieting this diet is an inside job, powerful and personal. Allow this discussion to offer you new ideas towards nurturing and recognizing your spirit.

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