In Tune with Great Truth

A NEW PROGRAM (2012) offered by ISA will reframe the perception of your personal world and your sense of “healing.” It is open to all I, II, and III degree Reiki practitioners trained by any of the many Reiki Masters. When the blending occurs, “healing” concepts are deepened and a sense of transformation is activated. You will enjoy life in ways you might not have ever imagined.The Real benefit shows up when the blended idea becomes recognized, acknowledged, and connected on a deep level. It is possible to work with life-force energy to navigate life’s storms and at the same time bring forth healing, inspiration, and wisdom.

  • Reiki practitioners, active and inactive, desire to live and work in their best uplifted personal auric field.
  • Since we are the Reiki universal energy , our physical vessel is how we broadcast it to each other and the world.
  • Learn about human conditions that are ready to be outgrown and/or absorbed into the great truth.

Here’s the opportunity to address your inner feeling that keeps saying “there’s more.” There truly is more.

“You’ve felt it your whole life. You’ve always known there’s something inside of you that’s sought to be born fresh and realize something far beyond your imagination trying to break out and be. Everyone feels this inside. But to allow life to express itself in that way , with that much abandon, requires a true surrender into the unknown.”

“In tune with truth – a state where two become one. ┬áJust as a river dissolves in the ocean, a raindrop in water, a fragrance in air, and a seeker in the Self, realizing that they were never separate.”
-Tarum Sardana

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