It’s Just A “Happening”

We are so programmed to think of events as good or bad, something that is liked or disliked, something that we want to have over with or more of. What if we came from a more neutral place and viewed each event as just a happening?

It is amazing! The energy to deal with everything evenly is accessible when we notice this habit of our old ways of responding. Yesterday, this was noticed as I picked up my mother from having her nails done at a shop. She lives in a retirement home, and I handle the rides to and from outside appointments as well as her checking account and charge card. I keep her charge card in the front pocket of my purse, and when I went to use it to pay for her nails, it was not there. So, I paid with cash, took her to her home, and proceeded to look in my car and house for this charge card. It was nowhere to be found. The back of my car was filled with bags of mulch, which needed to be spread in my yard. Typically, an old habit, or way of looking at the missing charge card would have been to react with fear or worry, lost in the “what ifs” or paralyzed with what should be done next. Instead, I decided to take care of the yard work, and see if being present to that job was possible without entertaining worry in my body or thoughts. It was. I relaxed into what I was doing. When finished, I called and canceled the charge card, made sure no new charges were on it. Another card with a new number was sent, and the whole event was just another “happening” no different than the mulch job or driving my mother to get her nails done were just “happenings”, all to be dealt with evenly.