Ten week class
Facilitated by Helen Borth

Here is an opportunity to bring your body/mind, all of your energy in “tune” with the great truth.  The class is designed to “self-empty” by seeingthrough perceptions, programs, attachments, etc.  By releasing some of these overused ideas, what shows up is a very different perception, a different kind of knowing.

This quote by Scott Kiloby tells the story.

“You cannot know life directly through thinking.  Trying to know life directly through thinking is like trying to pet your dog by stroking a piece of paper that has a drawing of a dog on it.”

Class subjects:

  • Energy as a constant presence
  • Living in the experience of duality
  • What would it be like to be in Oneness
  • Messages and suggestions from the many sages presently guiding humanity
  • The real power of thought/no thought
  • Living in the present moment
  • Perspectives on birth and death
  • Much more

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Fee: $150
Registration deadline: 5 days before the event

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