Reiki Testimonials

As the first Reiki Master in Wisconsin in 1980 my remembrance and reverence is tied to original Reiki. Because we ARE and have always been tied to the Universal Life Force there is a natural blending of original Reiki with humanities present movement towards oneness, wholeness, awakening, and transformation. This perspective results in dramatically amplifying ones personal and spiritual awareness in daily life and the world of healing.
Helen Borth

What I got out of a Reiki Audit

Auditing the Reiki class helped me feel more confident in my self and in my skills as a practitioner. I received valuable feedback from Larry’s aura readings. I was able to trust that I am the Reiki and allow the energy to flow more freely within me and through me. I enjoyed the very positive staff and students who made up the group. We laughed and cried together. I noticed when I had my jacket on and we were hugging good-by, I didn’t want to leave. I’m looking forward to being a part of many Reiki sharings in the Sunday nights to come and thank Helen Borth for her practical and simple yet profound way of teaching Reiki to me.


Reiki Level I & II Testimonials

“What do you say about Reiki?  I guess everything because there is nothing in me that hasn’t changed.  I changed in spirit.  I have a clarity, a trust in life, a lightness and a creative force that I am pulled into.”  – Mary W.
“I am still all most speechless when I think about our Reiki class.  I have been using the Symbol you taught us daily.  The symbol is a blessing, a torch, a door slowing opening to infinity.  My life and my family’s lives are being aligned by a gentle hand.”  – Rita B.
“Reiki has been mysterious to me.  I decided at age 76 it was time to find out what it was about.  The class gave me an understanding of what Reiki is – and what it is not.  I feel it has a place in my life.  My family would have benefited from the knowledge years ago.  I am sorry I waited so long.” – Kathy W.
“After breaking my tailbone, I tried chiropractic care, acupuncture and finally reiki.  Reiki worked so well for me that I decided I wanted to learn how to practice it, so I took Reiki with Helen.  My body is now feeling the best it has felt in 5 years.  I’m so grateful that I found reiki.” -Heidi

How my perspective of Reiki changed during the In Tune with Great Truth program by Megan Burks

What I learned previously in REIKI

What Helen Borth ISA has taught me

Having to say an invocation or prayer before Reiki treatment with a client.
(I used to have to pray to all of the Reiki Masters to help me heal the client. I had to ask for guidance, help, intuition and protection. I would then say a prayer to my God asking for protection as well.)
Asking for protection is putting you in a sense of fear. There is no need. Because the Universal Life Force is higher than anything else. We are not in control of others. We are not the healers. We are merely a vessel for Reiki to flow through.What we think about comes about.

The use of beads, stones, or certain lights to protect ourselves from bad energy.
(I used to wear a certain kind of bead around my wrists in order to protect myself. Crystals placed under the table to absorb the negative energy.)
The Universal Life Force is higher than any religion, any spirituality, anything.The clients “stuff” is just that -THEIRS! We don’t need to take on someone else’s stuff, junk, bad ju- ju, call it what you will. There is just no need to absorb that.
Placing your hands in a certain position.
(Hands must be closed completely; you must go in a certain order to do a Reiki treatment otherwise it won’t work.)
Just follow your intuition. Reiki knows where to go. By touching the head you are treating the entire body. By touching anywhere on the body you are treating the entire body.
Removing all metal, jewelry, hair ties, and watches before treatment. Reiki can’t flow through those items.
(I took off even my toe rings when doing a treatment. I let my hair down, took my watch off and even my earrings and necklaces.
Reiki just flows right over those items. There is no need to remove those things. Reiki is so big that something as small as a necklace, ring or watch Reiki just flows right passed it.
Reiki comes up through your feet and comes out through your hands. You have to make sure that your palm is just perfect on the body or the person will not be healed. Reiki is all around us, yes it comes in my body… it doesn’t just come out of my hands it comes out of my entire body. Helen said she could sit right next to me and I could be given a Reiki treatment just as well. When giving a Reiki treatment, EVERYONE in the room is effected not just the person receiving.
Have quiet, relaxing music playing during treatment.
(A client once gave me a very hard time because there were birds chirping in the background of the music. She was very distraught.
Every one vibrates with music differently. So when music is being played this may interrupt the Reiki session and or disrupt the client. No music during Reiki treatments.
Place 2 hands on top of the crown chakra in order to start the Reiki treatment.
(I used to always start my treatments out my placing my bottoms of the palms together and placing them directly on top of the head.)
The crown chakra is where the energy flows out of. If you place your hands on top of their heads you are stopping the flow of energy. Never put your hands on top of the client’s heads.
No symbols get taught before Reiki II level.
(I had to wait 3 years before getting even one symbol for Reiki II.)
In Reiki I, Helen gives the symbol of 10 concentric circles as the first symbol – also known as infinity symbol.
Focus on the clients healing and what is going on in their body.
(I would be drained after doing several Reiki Sessions because I was focusing so hard to help heal them.)
Don’t focus on the client. It would be better if you focus on your grocery list, tasks to do later…etc. Don’t let your mind get in the way of Reiki.
Never slide your hands on the body.
(This will upset the Reiki and almost cause negative reaction. The only place where you can slide your hands on the body
is on the spine of the back.)
Remember, the Universal Life Energy knows what to do. You can twist, shake, knock, rub, and poke – if that is what your intuition is telling you to do. All of the hand placements are just a flat hand on top of the body.
Certain things weaken the Reiki energy (poor diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, poor sleep, negative psychic energy, stress, negative habits, etc.)
I would literally stress myself out trying to sleep so many hours, eating just right, and not having my glass of wine here or there.)
How can the Reiki energy be weaken when we are ALL one, universally we are all in oneness with each other.
One must need 4 REIKI treatments in order to begin to feel something. “To boost the flow of Reiki.”
(I would tell clients constantly that they may need more sessions in order to feel something or in order to become healed from what is ailing them.)
Regardless if you the “healer” or the client feels something, Reiki is still working. Reiki will continue to work even after the treatment has ended.
We can lose our Reiki Energy if we are destructive or negative.
(This was a hard concept for me to even grasp… losing energy? That is what my Reiki Masters taught me. We must be pure in our thoughts and our actions to keep Reiki.)
The Universal Life Force is EVERYWHERE, in everything.
Reiki is from God and that is how God healed others in the Bible.
(I struggled with the fact that I must be religious in order to harness the power of Reiki. That is why I put it down for so many years and almost shunned against it.)
Sure, the God of our being. Not the heavenly God we think of …within any certain religion. Reiki is not religion. It is above all religion.
You must prepare yourself for the attunements: avoid processed foods, only eat fresh fruits and veggies, and you had to meditate the couple days prior to your attunement.
(I was a rebel; I ate fast food before going to my very first Reiki class.)
Remove tight clothing. From yourself and or the client. Tight clothing stops the flow of Reiki.
(I always thought I had to be in linen, loose fitting clothing that you see on different culture movies.)
Again, Reiki flows regardless of tight clothing or not. It flows right passed that kind of stuff.
Contraindications: never give Reiki to someone with pacemaker, not to someone who has Diabetes. Reiki messes up pacemaker and blood sugars in these people.
(I actually asked clients if they had either one of these things before starting treatment. If they did, I told them I couldn’t do Reiki on them.)
There are really no contraindications for Reiki. Reiki goes to where it is needed.
Wash your hands and have your client wash their hands in cold water after treatment. To break the connection before healer/ healee, and aid in grounding.(I always give my clients water after a treatment. But not to wash their hands.) How can we break a connection, when we are ALL connected anyways through oneness?