What is Reiki?


Reiki is a hands on method of healing. It is steeped in a full, rich history of ancient texts, spiritual experiences and personal transformation. The founder, Dr. Usui, had his life altering change in the late 1800’s. Through the study and practice of Reiki, current students experience their own transformation. This growth is achieved by understanding the ancient Reiki teachings and contemporary insights into the power of thought and the unseen world of energy.


Reiki Inspires



Reiki is Universal Life Energy. You must first know you are it. Then learn to trust it. Then know there is nothing more powerful than it.



Reiki assists everyone in recognizing their inner truth and the strength to speak it.



True insight and wisdom comes from being able to surrender learned behavior, be in the present moment and the possibilities it has to offer.



Freedom surfaces when your inherited spiritual core of trust, truth, and wisdom comes to a dominant place in everyday awareness and affects all aspects of health and well-being.


Reiki Without Limits

The Reiki Masters at the Institute of Self Awareness have a deep desire to bring the practice of Reiki to its highest form of understanding. This means lifting Reiki to its unlimited, universal potential.

Within this level of Reiki two powerful and dynamic changes in thinking take place. One is letting go of the illusion that we are doing the healing and another in letting go of the attachment to the word “healer”. Letting go means only releasing the attachment to the ideas that are wrapped around these two concepts and at the same time not denying their physical participation.

Everything is universal energy, even illness. Less concern about any of the illnesses and greater focus on trusting the Reiki energy is found to be far more beneficial for both healer and healee.

Because it has been proven that lightheartedness creates a greater capacity for change, it is best to not make “healing” such a serious business. Our experience proves that to be true.

The ideas I have listed are helping Reiki evolve into its true nature, unlimitedness. All are welcome to be a part of lifting Reiki on a personal level, sharing it as a practitioner, and/or studying it as a part of one’s spiritual journey.

-Helen Borth