“Stand Firm” in Your Field

What does this mean?

“STAND FIRM” In Your Energy Field

Join us at this unusual workshop designed by Larry Borth, who has the training and skills to help participants unravel these ideas:

• I don’t have enough energy.
• I have too much energy.
• What is a healthy energy field?
• Do vibrations create by field, my aura?
• Can my energy field break down?
• How do I “stand firm” when I’m caught in so many ideas?

There is no secret to standing firm. Just bring your willingness and openness to hear expanded concepts to the workshop. For $20 you will learn how to create physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness from a greater understanding and wellness of energy.

Wednesday, April 30
Location: Institute of Self Awareness, 13745 W. Capitol Drive.

Register: 262-781-5300 or 414-453-5731