StarWheel paintings given in a vision to an artist AYA were then created in a series of mandalas. The completed ones are painted on 6ft by 6ft canvaases and are shared with the world as “living holograms”. The medium used is airbrushed acrylic on canvas through multi-layered stencils.

into each slide to receive the transforming energies.

Must register/limited seating.

Call 262-781-5300
Location: 13745 West Capitol Dr.

What I got out of StarWheels

Having attended two presentations of the Star Wheels I can say it helped me as much as a reiki session. The first evening I felt the usual revitalized energy that I get from any interaction with the ISA groups. But more so I awoke the next morning to strong, painless knees, too. Nice benefit. This lasts for several days where I have no need for any pain pills. Saturday evening session I was in a more relaxed state and could sense the nuances of energy that ranged from peaceful to vibrant depending on the wheel that was being displayed. Very interesting experience.