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Enlightenment! Really?

What was I to do when a whole new way of “thinking” and “being” was set
squarely in front of me? Curiosity took over and I was knee deep researching
the many, many sages presently living on the planet from the new found
“enlightenment” perspective. It was shocking to find books, articles, you tube
clips, websites, even personal appearances all talking about the idea of waking up
from our conditioned thinking. Talk about being jolted at the very core
when my eyes came upon such phrases as, “What you are searching for is where
you are searching from,” and, “The observer and the observed are one in the
same” and, “I’m an infinite being and that’s all that matters.”
At one time these ideas made no sense. How could they? My mind was so filled
with every day, limited ideas that any “big picture” concepts bounced right off
my head and back into the universe because there was no place for them to

Consider a large lottery ball filled with many little white balls frantically
bouncing around until one is caught and its number could become very
useful to someone. That’s somehow how the possibility of enlightenment
happens. You read or hear about a life changing message called a “pointer”
from one of the “enlightened” individuals. It grabs your attention. After
playing with it for a while you somehow recognize its truth. WOW! On an
energetic level you sense something has left your consciousness (who
knows what) and a touch of inner freedom took its place. Believe me this
happening is worth its weight in gold. Guess what? Slowly it happens
again and again until we find ourselves being, “In the world but not of it.”
It is absolutely wonderful to not be pushed and pulled like a yo-yo
through daily life. This may or may not be a journey towards
“enlightenment,” who knows, but it surely is a trip worth everything it has
to offer. REALLY!