The following are testimonials from some of the In Tune with Great Truth program’s first students.

To all those considering this Class:

This 10 week class opens your door a little bit more. By that I mean, what you thought you knew…what you thought- anything… becomes shattered. In phase III, you will learn more about your thoughts and how they really create/effect your life. There is a quite a bit of letting go and allowing even more than you could ever imagine. I feel that I have been shook out of my dreams, and awoken to a new life. This was a very tough class because I have 3 different degree of schooling and I thought I knew a lot information regarding my job and how to teach others. I thought I was on top of the world with my extensive knowledge. but then again in Phase III it was all about teaching myself/ instruction on life in general and bringing oneness into my soul.

The more and more I dig into this consciousness work, the more my life as I THOUGHT I knew it, becomes seemingly less. Helen has opened the door for me in this consciousness work, now its my job to continue my journey through the door.
I’m very grateful I have taken the 10 week class, even though I was very hesitant at first. I didn’t want to pay that kind of money for “foo-foo” teachings. Every penny spent, was well worth it. I will continue to re read all of my material even when class is over and see what comes about.

“I am this, that and everything else. I am the trees, the sun and the moon.
I am – nothing. I know – nothing. I can be – nothing because there is no “I.”
My past, present and future and all in one I am here, I am now. My body is in the moment, becoming the moment and becoming one with everything around me. for there is no you, there is no me, there is no us. We are all breathing vehicles of today’s world. Let you go and become one.

Megan Burks

Our class should be a reality t.v. show.

There are many shows on t.v. centered around points of view. Political, religious, news (according to that which they decide is important for us to know).
Another group of shows are centered around a central figure, or several of them, and then they expound on the topic that they chose for that day.

I believe that there is a spiritual awakening happening at this time in history. I believe that once we get ourselves into a certain comfort area in our physical lives, we begin to look for “the rest”, “the reason”, the “what’s next”.

Friday nights at Helen’s, we tune in to our favorite subjects, her, each other, and ourselves. We look for the truth.

The truth is—whatever we believe it to be. Whatever we give our thoughts and energy to, is what happens in our lives to credit or discredit what we believe to be the truth.
We listen to many different viewpoints, sages, gurus. We have (often), in our past, a religious upbringing that we either chose to believe, or not. So it is with our class. Some of it we embrace, some we disregard. All of it, we discuss.

One person’s perception of reality and truth is not another’s. It’s what makes for such lively discussions.

If everyone was a Liberal, there’d be no CNN, Fox News, Journal Sentinal. There’d be nothing to discuss, repute, or refute.
If everyone was Catholic, there’d be no wars over religion.
If everyone was a sage, we could spend the rest of our lives just “being”.

Some of us are looking for this “just being”. Some of us wish to leave our human bodies, and travel. Some of us wish to bring healing to those in need. Some of us need a leader to tell us what is, and what isn’t. Some of us decide for ourselves what to embrace, and what not to. But all of us are open to discussion on each other’s viewpoint.

We don’t get “voted off”. We all get to stay and have our say. We all help each other in a primal way that our “selves” tell us we need. It is that primal search that keeps us coming to class.

We learn things that most people in our lives never even question. We seek truths that most people we meet never question. We open our minds to possibilities, and accept, or reject them, as we see fit. There is no right or wrong. No good or evil. No scale to measure us, nor to live up to.

If we were a t.v. show, we could have guest speakers, like Mooji, the woman that Ramtha uses to convey his messages, David Hawkins. Jim and Tammy Faye Baker would make for some lively discussions, I’ll bet!!

If we were a t.v. show, I’ll bet we could attract a like-minded audience much larger than we can conceive of. I think that there are a lot of people in the world right now who are seeking answers. And seeking something to believe in.

The problem, of course, is that my truth isn’t yours.

We don’t answer the questions of the universe. We look for what we believe is true. We’d upset a lot of powerful religious groups that have spent hundreds of years getting their sheep to follow them. (Funny that the Bible refers to followers as “sheep”, too).

We could make some powerful friends, and powerful enemies, and lots of money to give away to those truly in need. WHAT A GAS that’d be!!
In a few weeks, we enter another class that has been going on for some time now. We go together, as sisters thrown together by our source, to gain, or give insight, to learn, to teach, to lighten up the atmosphere. Because that’s what we do best. We are all totally different people, from different places and experiences, brought together to experience what is, and what is not. We came strangers. We leave together, sisters. Who knew? (Helen)

With fondest memories of this time,
Holly K. Young

Reiki Training

I have been wanting to take Reiki training for quite some time. I have attended a few presentations in the past and I knew that it was something that I wanted to do but for some reason I did not move forward with my desire.

When I first met Helen Borth at a presentation, I got a strong sense that this was the right time, and the right teacher. I immediately made an appointment for my first consultation. Since the first meeting I have been discovering myself and evolving on my spiritual journey. Every week I learn and discover something new about myself and the world around me.
One of my discoveries has been, how I perceive and interact with the world around me.

I realized that fear has been an issue for me. Even though I present myself as a strong person to the world, fear kept me from moving forward. With Helen’s teaching on Allowing I realized there is nothing and not a thing that I have to be afraid of. This realization was a breakthrough for me. Now, I know that when a difficult situation arises the best for me to do is, relax, allow the energy to flow and go with it. The Divine Energy will take care of the situation in the best interest for everyone involve.

What I like the most is, the course curriculum comes from Spirit. Helen allows the Divine Energy to flow and to be the curriculum. The experience is divine!

Maria Figueroa

See the World a New Way

If you are attempting to capture that “inner tranquility”, the calmness, the peace of mind, and lack of stress in your life that you see occasionally in some people, there is a way of attaining your goal.

Our Friday night classes teach you a new way to see the world, and deal with those inhabiting it. Tranquility can be taught to someone who seeks it with an open mind. It is sometimes hard to admit that you have stress in your life, or things that you wish to change. Sometimes you don’t even notice how stuck in self-destructive behaviors you are until you start to look closely at how you react to other people and how they react to you.

Once you’ve gained the insight to peace, your world and all those in it, will change to suit your new-found happiness, and you can share that with everyone you deal with.

It is SO much more fun to be happy than sad, and at peace instead of stressed, and to know in your heart that you are attracting to you the same positive feelings that you exude.
People search for that special someone in their lives that will provide these things for them, when, by looking within, and changing the way we view situations and react to them, is what brings true pleasure, and life-loving feelings to us. And then, we go forth and teach others to do the same, because it is SUCH a gift!

What more could you ask for? What a marvelous thing to receive and give.

Over the course of 10 short weeks, you can attain a better, more fun, more peaceful life.

The Institute of Self-Awareness is the secret that you have been looking for. Open your mind, and heart, and self, and come away with true love, and happiness. Look within, and find it without effort.

Helen will be the person you’ve sought, possibly without even knowing it, the one to teach you what you need to know about you. She is the one who can give you the greatest gift of your life—self-love, peace, harmony.

Holly K. Young

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