The Voice in Your Head

Ponder This:

It is time to pay attention to the voice in your head. This is one of the first steps required when you sense yourself being “pulled” into the wave of connectedness and oneness. The energy in this wave is being broadly and basically announced to the masses on the planet. Those of us already “pulled” in this direction are taking a new look at WHO WE REALLY ARE. How exciting it is for those of us who already have realized that that bundle of thoughts, especially of the past, keep creating a sense of being a separate self. It can’t be helped because the planet was designed to be in duality. This bundle of thoughts makes it difficult to find what it is to live a spirit-guided life, one immersed in oneness. The bundle of separating thoughts include all these mental identifications such as My name is John, I am an American, I like chocolate, I have personal ideas, opinions and beliefs. Guess what? All these items are simply thoughts. Thoughts that separate. What would happen it we replaced this bundle with a phrase like “We are all spiritual beings living the game of life together as one?

Try this on for size.

Helen Borth – Director of the Institute of Self Awareness.
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