Ponder This:

The word for today is UNCERTAINTY. You know, that thing we would rather ignore and instead continue to maneuver our daily life into as much certainty as possible. Ask yourself if you know what your next thought is going to be? If you have mastered that please let us know. Or do you really know exactly what will show up in the next hour, or the next and the next? Of course not! The phone or door bell rings when we least expect it. Often it’s at the most inappropriate time. Which really means it has messed up the schedule. All this comes under the heading of uncertainty even if we desperately try to follow our certain plan. Give it up! Surrender! If we are truly honest when looking at life from who we really are, uncertainty is the name of the game. We would make it easy on ourselves by starting the day with saying, “OK life, bring it on. Bring on what you have to offer me in every present moment. I openly and honestly welcome whatever is meant for me. I allow UNCERTAINTY to be my guiding light.”

Try this on for size.

Helen Borth – Director of the Institute of Self Awareness.
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