What you think shows in your Aura

Ponder This:

What you think about registers in your aura. PLUS! Your body believes every word you say. These are powerful statements that need some pondering. Here is more of a scientific-like statement. “Everything in the universe, even the smallest thought, gives off a calibratable energy which is recorded permanently in the energy field of consciousness which is beyond time and space.” Every moment we have the opportunity to be aware and even change our thoughts to create life differently. Let us lay out a time-line even though it really all happens at the same time. It seems as if first comes a thought, which registers in the personal auric field followed by making itself at home in the physical body and then broadcast out into the universe. All happening simultaneously. There is a piece of information added to this thought-trip. Thoughts that are flavored with concerns, control, even a lot of opinions have the possibility of weakening the body. On the other hand an alloying or accepting way of thinking is said to strengthen the body. Every person benefits from knowing what you think shows up in the aura and as a result determines your level of personal well-being.

Try this on for size.

Helen Borth – Director of the Institute of Self Awareness.
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