Without the Burden of ‘I’

During one of our last sessions we talked about the fact that our biggest “hook” in life is the attachment to the “I”. In a YouTube clip with Mooji concerning the same topic, he emphasizes that this conditioning is started early on in life by giving every child a name, to the mere sound of which the child’s ear becomes accustomed and starts to react. So the “I” is created, and slowly the identification with it as well, by telling the child over and over how smart, pretty, and so on he or she is.

How would it feel not to be programmed like that, to be completely “oblivious” and unattached when people call your name and talk about and/or to you? Let me share an event in my life that might point to that.

I had just come to this country (well-educated and fluent in this language that is not my own) and my first doctor’s appointment was scheduled. When I was born, my parents decided to call me by my middle name, so that’s the name I was accustomed to hearing all my life. Not realizing the importance of my first name on documents like medical history etc., I filled out the necessary forms before I could see the doctor. And then I waited and waited and waited and saw many times the same nurse come in and out and call for this or that person who had entered the waiting area well after me. In between I watched her come out and call what seemed to be the same name over and over –to no avail. After I sat in the waiting area for an extremely long time, I finally marched to the receptionist’s desk to ask what may have caused the hold-up for my appointment. She asked for my name, said she would check with the nurse and let me know. You all can imagine what the reason for the delay had been – I had not recognized the mispronunciation of the name I don’t normally use, a common occurrence here but something I was not yet used to. No one to blame, just one of life’s little misunderstandings!

Coming back to how I imagine our life might be without identification: imagine this scenario (minus my increasing annoyance about the waiting), going about your life “nameless” and accepting everything that comes your way without immediately taking it personally –how liberating that must be!